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"I have a desire to seek joy & convey it tangibly through imagery."

At Rachel McCord Creative you are more than just a client. It is a profound honor to lend a hand in creating the highlight reels in the  lives of others; to capture happiness, love, new life, showcase meticulously crafted work and be a fly on the wall at bustling events. Rachel aims to create a space to engage, to invite excitement and to illicit connection. Extending that sense of community and inclusion to the fresh eyes of viewers is a privilege + a bit of magic.

In 2011, Rachel acquired a BFA Studio Arts & Photography degree from Biola University in Southern California. She is available for freelance work in San Francisco + spends her days as the Assistant Photo Editor at AFAR magazine.


"I am : a truth-seeker, giggler, list-maker & lover of light."

Rachel is spunky & kind-hearted, with a quick wit and eclectic taste. She is head over heels for her family, visual arts, fashion, film, getting outside, and rooting people on. 

Fun facts: talks faster than the average human can listen, is an ESFP, can never wear enough rings on her fingers and is powered by espresso + puns.

Check out the Raves & Press page to learn more & please get in touch through the Rates page for inquiries and additional services! 

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