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Golden Gate Bridge | Baby Announcement

My nearest + dearest set of blondes have a bun in the oven! I was pleased as punch to celebrate with Quinn + Zach at their Golden Gate Bridge baby announcement shoot, during which there was dancing (duh) and giggles galore.  I cannot wait to meet their little lady, as she is just about the luckiest chick I know to have such incredibly kind, passionate + adventurous parents! 


Leaden Ceramics x Rachel McCord Creative

Towards the end of last year I collaborated with one of my very favorite makers, Sam Leaden to document her minimalistic & bold series of vessels.

You’ve gotta have Sam walk you through her process, as I’ll butcher it’s intricacies, but these grids are all formed by hand and continue to blow my mind. They blew all of your minds too clearly, because she sold lightening fast around the holidays, but are still available for purchase! So bookmark this maker asap as she’s got nothing but original work on the horizon. I’m here for it. It’s so pleasing and truly a vision to loop into your collection of original work. It has single handedly enhanced my morning coffee ritual ten-fold, plus who isn’t ready to support more hardworking, local, creative women in their cities? (All of you, yes? Yes.)

If you need a refresher on her previous work, take a peak at her first collection here.

Keep an eye on her upcoming work | Instagram | Email Sam to purchase: leadenceramics@gmail.com


Taylor Vick | Boy Scouts

My musically transcendent pal, Taylor Vick of San Francisco’s own Boy Scouts, is back at it again folks. She’s talented, there’s really no getting around it. Investigate her tunes thoroughly, you will find nothing but peace in your wee soul. I adore you, TayV - thanks for letting me make your portraits, always a pleash.

All things Boy Scouts: Bandcamp | Spotify | Instagram | Boy Scouts 

Yashica | Kodak Portra 400 | 120mm


Cook Family | Oregon Woods Session

Kicking off Fall with my longest standing customers (who keep getting cuter) in Southern Oregon was a treat! Harmonicas, bare feet + explore-hungry boys makes for an ideal woodsy afternoon. Toss in a vintage Mustang and a couple’a pups - you’ve got yourself a dreamscape. Take a peek at my afternoon with the Cook family -


Sam | Lands End Portraits

Everyone needs a Sam in their lives. My particular Sam, is the first to suggest celebratory drinks, host an elaborately themed party, get her clay-wielding hands dirty, and better yet - lend one of those hands to someone who needs it. She loves marking seasons changed as much as I do, and I’m thrilled to watch her grow in a new challenge. The only thing that could’ve made our foggy morning shoot at Lands End better is if she had worn her trademark sequin pants, ooo or tulle skirt. Team Sam!


Rose Droll | SF Musician Portraits

I first met San Francisco musician Rose over the phone, accidentally giving her all the wrong directions and then continued to crack jokes the whole shoot to win her over. Turns out, she needed no winning over because she is just as genuine and gracious as she is bad ass. Give her a listen, here + keep your eye out for the tender little earthquake known as Rose, soon to top the charts and steal your heart.


SEND IT | Stinson Beach

A few months back I had the pleasure to tagging along with a bunch of wild-hearted souls to document a surf + paddle boarding weekend in Stinson Beach with Send It Foundation. The mission of the Send It Foundation is to inspire positivity, courage and gratitude in young adult cancer fighters through the gift of outdoor adventure and community. Let me tell ya, their courage is contagious! By the end of the day I was taking photos from a kayak in my jeans - when you roll with the Send It crew you can’t help but get in the thick of it! 

Take a look at the everyday fight on their Facebook, spread the word of this genuinely kind and inspiring bunch of folks who are beating the odds + adventuring despite their obstacles! 


Erica + baby Mateo | Napa Baby Shower

This floral-adorned pregnancy goddess, Erica, and I  go way back. To the days of teeny skirts + too much hairspray in the land of highschool cheerleading. We were easily the two punks running the most punishment laps for giggling too much (+ too loudly). So to say that I am overjoyed to cheer (*cringe?* hah) her into motherhood is an understatement! You carry that little fella like a true queen + also are pregnant the same time as Beyonce - putting all of us to shame. 

Take a look at an afternoon shower in dreamy Napa Valley where baby Mateo was celebrated by a gaggle of the sweetest + spiciest women around!


Carolyn | Berkeley Home Session

I find people most enthralling when listening to their stories. Carolyn is full of stories (both spicy + sweet) and getting to know her through conversation & film, revealed she is equal parts powerhouse and warmth. We shot in her deliciously lived-in Berkeley home with a rich history and breathtaking light. The best kinds of sessions are ones where I have to force myself to take photos amidst lively conversations! By the end of our time together (we were fast-friends) she was taking my portrait, which is my favorite way to wrap up an afternoon!

She does some incredible work on behalf of Shotgun Players at Ashby Stage in Berkeley and in the theatre community as a whole. I can’t recommend them enough, having enjoyed a few of their productions myself! 

Thanks for letting me follow you around for an afternoon, miss Carolyn!


Taylor Vick SF Musician: Boy Scouts | Portrait Session

Had to keep pinching myself during my shoot with San Francisco musician Taylor Vick of Boy Scouts because I’ve been waiting to get my lens on her for too many moons. As pure in her vocals as she is in the flesh, Taylor is truly the physical embodiment of calm when sharing her company. This woman’s bandwagon is one I recommend you jump sooner rather than later, she is a treasure trove.

Do your emotional integrity a favor and enrich it with Boy Scouts dreamy album, Homeroom Breakfast.

You can check her our at Noise Pop Festival 2017 in SF, February 17-27th! 


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