Rachel McCord Creative | San Francisco Photographer


  1. Pinnacles National Park | 120mm Film

    01 Jun 2016
    Getting out of the city is high-priority since I memorized my street’s bus schedule purely by sound far too easily. Pinnacles National Park is a little woodland gem tucked away a few hours south of the city. On second thought, hand holding my Yashica film camera 3.5f, without a tripod, in a cave

  2. Barista Faire | Blue Bottle Coffee

    09 May 2016
    My home Blue Bottle cafe, Sansome in the Financial District of San Francisco, hosted a Barista Faire for its Northern California Baristas! We had live music, prizes, access to various department heads within the company, learn about upcoming products, try a triangulation cupping and throw-down in a friendly latte art competition! As always, I love being in the company of such…

  3. San Luis Obispo | Weekend Away

    23 Apr 2016
    My sweet pal Hannah now has a sweet new baby as of this week (!) A few weeks ago I got to jet out to San Luis Obispo to stroll around, make breakfast, buy matching house plants, play Yahtzee & I guessss you could say take some maternity shots? Maternity is a stretch, since she…

  4. Coffee Palate Development | Blue Bottle

    24 Mar 2016
    When your love for your day job & your side-hustle/dream chasing/freelance work happen to coincide… you better believe that collision is nothing short of magical! Working at Blue Bottle Coffee Co. as a barista has been such an enriching & valuable part of my life & work! I’m thrilled to be able to integrate…

  5. The light on Haight Street

    15 Mar 2016
    Sometimes you just have to strike when the golden hour light is hot, ya know?! My sweet pal MJ helped me hang my curtains in my new place today & then we got a little lost in them, naturally.  It feels good to make some new casual work in my new space to get my creative…

  6. Beneath the Orange Tree

    03 Mar 2016
    Finding myself filled with so much gratitude to be able to try my hand in writing & directing this short film in stride with Nick Chavez, one of my best friends, a part of his ‘Be My Year’ film project. He’s spearheading a quest to make 12 short films this year. In collaboration…

  7. Friendship & filmship

    09 Feb 2016
    Best friend isn’t a word I like to use loosely because I think I misuse it how some people misuse the word literally. I literally waited in traffic for 6hrs, that kid literally looks 12 (although he is probably 25), I could literally eat 10 more slices of pizza, you get it…

  8. Give the gift of visual art!

    31 Dec 2015
    Sometimes it takes all year to make work you’re thrilled about & this year I gifted mine to my sweet family. Keep an eye out for more of my dabbling with illustrated type and portraits! Cheers to many more creative years for you all, my friends Are you in the…

  9. A year in Portraits | 2015

    28 Dec 2015
    2015 has been full of many things - starting in Portland & ending in San Francisco with new jobs, friends, addresses & lots of steep learning curves. But as far as my work goes, it has been full of fantastic people willing to spend their time in front of my favorite pieces of glass…

  10. Max | Cozy Newborn & Family Session

    11 Dec 2015
    Is there anything better than snuggling a squishy perfect new baby? My sister & brother-in-law just so happen to be professional baby snugglers in their new regime as parents. A cozy day at home with my new little nephew & his family is just what the doctor ordered. I can’t wait…

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