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  1. Engagement Shoot | Bridge of the gods

    19 Mar 2015

    My dear friend Holly moved to Australia, and then came back with a man who’s gonna make an honest woman out of her. Atta girl, Holly! A perfect sun-soaked afternoon at the Bridge of the gods with John & Holly (Hosmer-to-be) was total magic. Hunting for the perfect light and…

  2. Washington Park Family Session

    19 Mar 2015

    Nothing quite says spring like a sunny afternoon & a terribly delightful family session Washington Park suited the Jaggars’ family like a glove on their visit to Portland - the sweetest growing family I’ve met in quite some time - Tara, Jonathan & Rockwell are filled to the brim with…

  3. Bagby Hot Springs, Oregon

    25 Jan 2015

    My sweetest Californian city friends came for a weekend in the ever-glorious PNW. So of course, it was imperative to wander into the woods. Bagby is where they keep all the moody light. Mmmm. xoxo, Rachel

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