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  1. Rose Droll | SF Musician

    2018-08-17 02:02:00 UTC

    On a rooftop with Rose Droll is really the only place worth being. When it comes to San Francisco’s self-made music scene, I’ve been privileged enough to bump elbows with the most down to earth, scrappy and overwhelmingly talented folks in town. Rose is no exception. With her sophomore record…

  2. Taylor Vick SF Musician: Boy Scouts | Portrait Session

    2017-01-11 01:30:00 UTC

    Had to keep pinching myself during my shoot with San Francisco musician Taylor Vick of Boy Scouts because I’ve been waiting to get my lens on her for too many moons. As pure in her vocals as she is in the flesh, Taylor is truly the physical embodiment of calm…

  3. Moss Family | Lithia Park, Oregon

    2017-01-07 05:09:00 UTC

    Coming home for Christmas now includes my favorite Moss Family! The gift of memories in the form of family portraits is the one that keeps on giving. So thankful for the dear friends I have found in this crew + they keep bringing the heat year after year - newborns…

  4. Angeles Portraits | Palace of Fine Arts

    2016-12-22 03:00:00 UTC

    It’s not a New Years Resolution if you make the choice to self-improve before the year ends, right?! Right.  Spruce up your portfolio, LinkedIn or social platforms to start the year off with a bang! Head shots don’t always have to be against a sad white wall under sad florescent…

  5. Fair Family | Holiday Mini Session

    2016-12-09 06:45:00 UTC

    A quick holiday mini session at the Christmas tree farm? Please + thank you! Scouring for smiles from my nephew as well as the perfect fir was a challenge I fully accepted over Thanksgiving weekend. Love being able to make memories as well as make work with those I hold…

  6. Studio Visit with Tamara White

    2016-08-22 05:01:00 UTC

    There are few things more valuable than observing an artist at work and discovering intricacies of process first hand. I was fortunate enough to be warmly welcomed into the cozy Berkeley studio of mixed media visual artist, Tamara White for an inside scoop! Her work is just as lovely as…

  7. Coffee Palate Development | Blue Bottle

    2016-03-24 03:21:00 UTC

    When your love for your day job & your side-hustle/dream chasing/freelance work happen to coincide… you better believe that collision is nothing short of magical! Working at Blue Bottle Coffee Co. as a barista has been such an enriching & valuable part of my life & work! I’m thrilled to…

  8. The light on Haight Street

    2016-03-15 03:32:00 UTC

    Sometimes you just have to strike when the golden hour light is hot, ya know?! My sweet pal MJ helped me hang my curtains in my new place today & then we got a little lost in them, naturally.  It feels good to make some new casual work in my…

  9. Beneath the Orange Tree

    2016-03-03 05:36:00 UTC

    Finding myself filled with so much gratitude to be able to try my hand in writing & directing this short film in stride with Nick Chavez, one of my best friends, a part of his ‘Be My Year’ film project. He’s spearheading a quest to make 12 short films this…

  10. Mallorey | South Park, San Francisco Portraits

    2015-10-21 02:07:00 UTC

    Hunting for good light with a good friend makes for a pretty perfect afternoon. Mallorey is one of the best gals I know & to have a confidant like her in the city makes my life a whole lot sweeter. Can’t wait to see what you’ll tackle next, sisterfriend Get…

  11. The Cook Boys | Brother Shoot

    2015-09-18 22:34:00 UTC

    Besides my own nephews, these are the only other tiny blondes to let me follow them around with my camera since they were just months old! Molly & Jeff have some pretty dashing men on their hands and it’s been a treat to document their family over the years. So…

  12. Rooftops in SoMa

    2015-07-25 06:10:00 UTC

    Just a couple of city girls enjoying the fog & celebrating life events worth squealing for. Thriving looks good on ya, Sam. Go get em. Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Email 

  13. Sutro Baths

    2015-07-15 20:47:00 UTC

    Sutro Baths, a serene wanderland (yes, wander not wonder). Wandering, climbing rocks, letting the expanse of the sea and the brevity of negative space shake your perspective if only for a moment is nothing short of calming. And then maybe you meet Francis Chan who’s making a video when walking…

  14. Prints & pals

    2015-07-02 04:44:00 UTC

    Sorting through prints is great, but whiskey & jacuzzi time with your client/pal after you deliver said prints - is really great. Nothing like being a weekday warrior to make it through the lull of an intermittent week! Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Email 

  15. Elise San Francisco Grad Shoot

    2015-06-05 20:28:00 UTC

    So pleased to have my first shoot in the city be with my dear friend & soon to be doctor, Elise! She trekked up hills, stood her ground through blustery winds and glittered through Karl the fog brilliantly! Would you believe this is her first time in front of a…

  16. Hello, San Francisco!

    2015-05-20 17:17:00 UTC

    You heard right, folks! Rachel McCord Creative has transplanted to the foggy & wondrous San Francisco, and might I add - has fallen head over heels for this change of address   So tell your near & dear’s to look me up! I am more than ready to chase the light…

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