Leaden Ceramics x Rachel McCord Creative

Towards the end of last year I collaborated with one of my very favorite makers, Sam Leaden to document her minimalistic & bold series of vessels.

You’ve gotta have Sam walk you through her process, as I’ll butcher it’s intricacies, but these grids are all formed by hand and continue to blow my mind. They blew all of your minds too clearly, because she sold lightening fast around the holidays, but are still available for purchase! So bookmark this maker asap as she’s got nothing but original work on the horizon. I’m here for it. It’s so pleasing and truly a vision to loop into your collection of original work. It has single handedly enhanced my morning coffee ritual ten-fold, plus who isn’t ready to support more hardworking, local, creative women in their cities? (All of you, yes? Yes.)

If you need a refresher on her previous work, take a peak at her first collection here.

Keep an eye on her upcoming work | Instagram | Email Sam to purchase: leadenceramics@gmail.com


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