A year in Portraits | 2015

2015 has been full of many things - starting in Portland & ending in San Francisco with new jobs, friends, addresses & lots of steep learning curves. But as far as my work goes, it has been full of fantastic people willing to spend their time in front of my favorite pieces of glass and let me see them. 

A beautiful year in more ways than one, but I am grateful to have the opportunity to find split seconds of beauty amidst the busyness of life. A heaping thank you to all of my clients this year - it’s been lovely and I am eager to start a fresh new year with many more sessions, more conceptual work and more time devoted to inspiration - so get those empty picture frames ready, friends & enjoy a few of my favorites from 2015!

Get in touch right this minute to book a session (portrait, engagement, family, event, product, random tuesday afternoon, you name it) for 2016 & maybe you’ll be the very first! Can’t wait to keep stealing sweet moments in this fresh new year. See ya there, pals!

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