Astoria Engagement Session | Andrew & Robbin

Sometimes things just click. Andrew & Robbin just do. Their gentle kindness, fierce sarcasm and warm hearted compassion make them dead-ringers to love each other well.

I have had the joy of serving beside Andrew in our church community, as we lead others in their pursuit of Jesus. I was constantly impressed by his ability to humbly lead and bring strength to shake up people’s comfort zones for the sake of knowing Jesus more. Andrew’s friendship has been one of calm kindness quickly followed by some sort of giggly pop culture reference in tandem with ingesting as many Oreo’s as possible.

Robbin has been a newer addition to my life but one so readily welcomed. Every interaction with Robbin is like a good nap, it’s comforting, sweet, and you just feel better all-around. An incredibly genuine and fierce woman she is, and she has this killer dry wit that will leave even the quickest jokester (like myself) in the dust, with a smile on her face. She’s generous, she’s quirky, she’s kick-ass.

Excuse my gushing, but the essence of these kids can never be fully captured on film, so I had to tell you more about why they are so very dear to me. The world is not ready for the Schroth’s, but I sure am. Cheers to you, my friends. Can’t wait to squeeze your faces on your wedding day!

Soak up their Astoria engagement shoot! We trounced all over town and made a day of it, bringing some of our mates along for a fun-filled day with lots of caffeine and inside jokes…

the #EverySaturday gang joined in the fun for the day!

[Thanks a bunch to the Commodore Hotel & Norblad Hotel that let us shoot inside their gorgeous walls!]

Ready to have your own engagement shoot? Of course you are!

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