Rachel McCord Creative | San Francisco Photographer

Hello, Miss Lola Glory

There’s just something oddly perfect about that moment your best friends become parents. Having already earned my aunt title (thanks to the two coolest boys I’ve ever met, trust me - you want to meet them, and you should they’re very friendly) I’m a sucker for all things baby related and can’t get enough of their chubby perfection.
But something about your best friends starting to have babies is a whole different kind of aunthood. It’s like your current best friend multiplied, shrunk and became even cuter than you already thought they were.
So, meet my new tiny best friend, Lola Glory. She’s pretty great. We already have tons of inside jokes, it’s okay, you guys will have your own with her someday too, don’t be jealous.

Keep the cuteness coming, my friends. I will friend-aunt & photograph any and all heavenly offspring you wish you create!
xoxo, Rachel

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