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Best friend isn’t a word I like to use loosely because I think I misuse it how some people misuse the word literally. I literally waited in traffic for 6hrs, that kid literally looks 12 (although he is probably 25), I could literally eat 10 more slices of pizza, you get it. I count myself lucky to have best friends from childhood, best friends from college, best friends from work; I am fortunate to count my treasured friends in circles & tribes instead of just on one small post-it note or some such thing. I also realize that I can’t be THIS long winded every time I gush about them to someone else; so I just say best friend, okay? Okay.

So, Nick is one of my dearest best friends. He has been my friend, my co-worker, my second shooter, my fellow wanderer in life, and most recently my roommate. This fellow has literally (really, I lived in his guest room) put a roof over my head when I had none, listened to me rant about frivolities & actual fears, and brought home chocolate milk just because he knew it would make me squeal with joy. He is a pal you want in your corner. And I am forever in his. TDDUP (tilldeathdouspart, duh). 

This year Nick is doing a project; a short film each month, collaborating with fellow creatives along the way. February is our month of working together & we’re brewing up something pretty lovely. This is half shameless plug, half beaming with pride for my brave friend doing a brave thing: bettering himself & his craft by working his ass off. Check it out, follow along with his year & stay tuned for our February film!

We took a great big walk around Lake Chabot a few weeks back, I snapped these on my 120mm Yashica & that lake is a time-warping wonderland. 

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