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Washington Park Family Session

Nothing quite says spring like a sunny afternoon & a terribly delightful family session!

Washington Park suited the Jaggars’ family like a glove on their visit to Portland - the sweetest growing family I’ve met in quite some time - Tara, Jonathan & Rockwell are filled to the brim with giddiness about the coming of their little lady to come & I was more than pleased with the honor of getting to know these folks and document this sweet time!

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Verso Light boxes for Sale!

My little pride & joys are officially on the market! Any of you that have been wanting to get your hands on one of my light boxes - now’s the time!
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Quick body of work summary:
The photographic work explores the tensions and intricacies of memory through visual space; understanding it’s place as fickle yet specific.

24x36in pine & acrylic light boxes illuminating multiple layer digital compositions
$350 each | 4 available for purchase
3-6 month payment plans available | Will ship to you (if not an Oregon resident)

December | 2000FilmTeen

From series: 2000filmteen - a film image each day of 2014

I began this year with the intention to slow my pace and truly see all the parts that make up the life being lived around me. Part of me thought having a record of at least a fraction of a second each day for all the days on the calendar would feel more freeing. But I have to admit, those fractions of seconds - now printed and stacked in plastic - are all quietly pointing to what I cannot capture.

Through this endeavor I’ve pushed the limits of what I can see, what I can experience, and what I can only keep through my memory. It’s been exhilarating to jump over and be knocked down by visual boundaries that I never would have discovered had I not paused to see them.

“And just as music is the space between notes, just as the stars are beautiful because of the space between them, just as the sun strikes raindrops at a certain angle and throws a prism of color across the sky - so the space where I exist, and I want to keep existing, and to be quite frank I hope I die in, is exactly this middle distance: where despair struck pure otherness and created something sublime.”- Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch

It’s been a beautiful year, and now the hefty stack of prints and I can prove it. It feels as if my eyes have gained some stretch marks, and I’m pretty proud of them.

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A Snowy Engagement | Josh & Nicole

There’s something really precious about getting to document the love of your friends, and these two were no exception.

I have had the pleasure of knowing them both before they were an item, and I can say I’ve never known either one as happy as when they’re going out of their way to love & serve each other.

We spent a gorgeous morning in the snowy woods of Mt. Hood & these two killed it. So excited for your lives together, future Canty’s!

by Rachel McCord

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November | 2000Filmteen

From series: 2000filmteen - a film image each day of 2014

“Beautiful things grow to a certain height and then they fail and fade off, breathing out memories as they decay.”- F.Scott Fitzgerald

A few days into this month, I felt it slipping through my fingers. As result of which I began savoring moments longer, and reminding myself to breathe deeper because things that fade haven’t been known to give an encore, but an endnote. But it wasn’t the series of endings I found significant, but the impressions left in the time just before, in the fading. The last few glimmers of golden hour, the space left between parting words in conversation, the tingling feeling in your fingers at their realization of warmth at coming in from the cold; all inundated with impressions I readily repeated with trigger finger countenance.

November was spent admiring the beautiful before it grew dim in all the parts of myself and circumstances. To not mourn the decline into vapor, but revel at the profound exit, whether it be whispered or sky-written. Everything that has the ability to possess beauty, is deserving of a long, hard last look.

Rachel McCord | Yashica D | 120mm Kodak Portra 400

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October | 2000FilmTeen

“I can’t describe her exactly, except to say that she was beautiful. She was - tremendously alive. She was eating gumdrops.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned.

Rachel McCord | Yashica D | 120mm Kodak Portra 400

From series: 2000filmteen - a film image each day of 2014

You know that feeling right before a new season is about to click into place? The wind shifts, the air is thick with anticipation, and you can feel clarity creeping though the trees with the sunlight. Then with a new breath and a quick blink, everything is different, clearer even. The anticipation of newness is met with the swift and abrupt change only ascertainable to your eye, but it’s earth shaking. Something has shifted - within you and it’s tangible; something is beginning again.

Maybe I am just all too aware of the constant shifting of life’s seasons around me, regardless - I am a sucker for change, a junkie even. But October came and went in a gentle haze, nothing changing besides the leaves. All the while leaving me feeling the need to be more… alive amidst my living. I should be eating more gumdrops.

P.S…This is my Grandma Ferne on her 80th birthday ^ isn’t she a beauty?!

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Harold & Alton, The (adorable) Cook Brothers

Seeing these (tiny) clients grow up into darling boys is pretty high on my list of favorite things! My third shoot with the sweet Cook family did not disappoint, these boys are getting more squeezable by the minute! Alton, the constant blur of boyhood is totally infatuated with his new little brother Harold, and if he isn’t running circles around him, he’s planting big-brother kisses all over his squishy face. Quite a pair, those Cook boys. I could chase them around all day!

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XOXO, Rachel

Prints & Pumpkin Donuts

Pumpkin donuts, hot coffee, really loud rain & shipping prints to my pals… my kind of Friday!

I’m truly a sucker for all things wrapped, taped, prettily-papered & covered in ribbons, twine… whatever frivolities I can find and somehow affix, if we’re being honest. I used to think getting mail was my favorite thing, but I’m now convinced, more than ever, that sending mail is truly the best.

This gorgeous mess below, is proof of my just-shipped wedding gift containing a print from my #twothousandfilmteen series to some pretty dashing newlyweds. As well as some brand new (beautiful) baby prints to my favorite future-preteen’s parents. Something about prints hot off the press being bundled up & shipped off to dear friends, (that I wished I lived many miles closer to) is crazy fulfilling to me, like when your mom is really proud of you for no reason. Get’s me every single time, you guys.

Trust me, you want to be on my pen pal list… say the word, I’ll write your name on it in sharpie & send you merciless amounts of postcards with cramped furiously quick handwriting, and lots of hearts. And that’s a promise.

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