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Prints & Pumpkin Donuts

Pumpkin donuts, hot coffee, really loud rain & shipping prints to my pals… my kind of Friday!

I’m truly a sucker for all things wrapped, taped, prettily-papered & covered in ribbons, twine… whatever frivolities I can find and somehow affix, if we’re being honest. I used to think getting mail was my favorite thing, but I’m now convinced, more than ever, that sending mail is truly the best.

This gorgeous mess below, is proof of my just-shipped wedding gift containing a print from my #twothousandfilmteen series to some pretty dashing newlyweds. As well as some brand new (beautiful) baby prints to my favorite future-preteen’s parents. Something about prints hot off the press being bundled up & shipped off to dear friends, (that I wished I lived many miles closer to) is crazy fulfilling to me, like when your mom is really proud of you for no reason. Get’s me every single time, you guys.

Trust me, you want to be on my pen pal list… say the word, I’ll write your name on it in sharpie & send you merciless amounts of postcards with cramped furiously quick handwriting, and lots of hearts. And that’s a promise.

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XOXO, Rachel

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