September | 2000Filmteen

“The happiness of being with people.” -Kafka

September was a month of celebration & anticipation. Making much of others with plenty of birthdays, new houses, new jobs, their heartbreaks, weddings, babies, and reunions of all shapes and sizes. And anticipating the weighted approach of the new season that comes only in tandem with the warm fading of summer. It was full, and at times heavy with the weight of anticipation of the next shift or notable moment.

But amidst the flurry, there was ‘the happiness of being with people,’ that never left me. Celebrating, waiting, reconnecting, and reveling in the moments that are so electric, simply because they remind you that you are alive, and that time is marked only by our remembrance of its passing.

Rachel McCord
Yashica D | Kodak Portra 400

From series: 2000filmteen - a film image each day of 2014

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