Tahoe Weekend Getaway

I do this thing were I often take photos, they sit on my desktop for months and I never get around to sharing them with anyone, let alone internet strangers. (Ahem, looking at you TWO trips to Europe that’ve never seen the light of day - sorry heaps of raw files, you deserve better than that). This year, I’m making an effort to hustle and squeeze a few frames out in the world, even if its just from quick fun weekends with friends or going home to visit family, because nothing that has once seen light deserves to be kept in the dark; not even the dark of my external hard-drive. 

So stay tuned for a little bit more imagery from me than you may prefer - I swear its more cathartic for me, than it is for your approval. So feel free to view and not tell a soul, I’ll be happy that just one soul laid eye on them at all. 

Word-vomit aside - here’s a chilly weekend in Tahoe I spent with some friends (my first visit!) where we ate a colossal amount of grilled cheese and rolled around in the snow in between dips in the hottub. 

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