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Berkeley Ceramicist | OD Ceramics

Collaborating on a shoot with a Bay Area maker never disappoints, Berkeley-based OD Ceramics was no exception!

Olivia Donnini is one to watch as far as the handmade ceramics game is concerned, from every day usage to more sculptural works, her attention to detail and relentless commitment to quality are obvious. (I tried to slip several of these in my pocket when leaving the shoot, lemme tell ya.) Keep an eye out for OD Ceramics at craft fares throughout the holiday season, and do yourself a favor and bookmark her IG, lots of drool-inducing goodies to be found popping out of the kiln on the regular. Such a pleasure to work with as well - giggling on set all day is my kind of day. Thanks again Olivia!

Check out her work and Instagram to see more and purchase directly.


Tahoe Weekend Getaway

I do this thing were I often take photos, they sit on my desktop for months and I never get around to sharing them with anyone, let alone internet strangers. (Ahem, looking at you TWO trips to Europe that’ve never seen the light of day - sorry heaps of raw files, you deserve better than that). This year, I’m making an effort to hustle and squeeze a few frames out in the world, even if its just from quick fun weekends with friends or going home to visit family, because nothing that has once seen light deserves to be kept in the dark; not even the dark of my external hard-drive. 

So stay tuned for a little bit more imagery from me than you may prefer - I swear its more cathartic for me, than it is for your approval. So feel free to view and not tell a soul, I’ll be happy that just one soul laid eye on them at all. 

Word-vomit aside - here’s a chilly weekend in Tahoe I spent with some friends (my first visit!) where we ate a colossal amount of grilled cheese and rolled around in the snow in between dips in the hottub. 

Cai (+ pup!) Holiday Mini Session

Merry Christmas! Dropping by ever so swiftly in between stockings and cinnamon rolls to leave a little festive holiday nugget for you in the form of my dear friend Cai’s holiday mini shoot! My pal Cai has many passions in life, but topping the list is her love for pups, and this year she added one to her family, sweet little Tilda. She’s an angel from above, I’m convinced, Myles, their lucky best friend and roommate can’t resist her charms either. Take a peek at their boozy in-home shoot (also did I mention they are both single and gorgeous?!) xoxo


Jess | Ocean Beach Portrait Session

My friend Jess gave herself the BEST birthday present (in my opinion) in the form of a shoot on the beach! This woman loves everyone around her so well and it was such an honor to make her portraits and reflect a bit of that love right back to her. Glistening gold sunset didn’t hurt either. Happy Birthday, December baby - so glad you’re stomping around this earth another year! xoxo


Couple (+ pup!) Golden Gate Park Holiday Mini Session

To say spending a dreamy fog-filled morning with Angeles & company in my favorite nestled corner of Golden Gate Park was idyllic, would be an understatement. Chip the pup was indeed a very good boy (and he knewww it) as we plied him with treats while stomping through the tiny woods. Sweet + simple, you don’t need more than a pup, cute couple and snacks to make a dreamy shoot dream come true. Or at least make a cute Christmas card…


Big Sur 2018

This summer (oh sorry, San Francisco summer - so, mid-October) I went on a quick weekend trip to Big Sir for the cute boys, fast bikes + breathtaking views… so sue me. I finally understand what all the fuss is about, Big Sur is dreamy as heck.


Yanito Family | Cole Valley Family Session

Do you ever fall in love with a neighborhood purely because of the darling people you meet there? Cole Valley will forever be the place I got to stroll the sun-dappled streets with the kind Yanito family. Their family is growing and it was a treat to spend a sunny afternoon in their apartment full of vintage treasures that made me drool (more than the ice cream we nibbled on mid-shoot) while making their portraits. Have a peek at the quintessential San Francisco cuteness that is embodied in this couple and family – and get in touch for holiday portraits of you + yours!

shooting on film was a welcome addition to the shoot! #kodakportra #120mm


Rose Droll | SF Musician

On a rooftop with Rose Droll is really the only place worth being. When it comes to San Francisco’s self-made music scene, I’ve been privileged enough to bump elbows with the most down to earth, scrappy and overwhelmingly talented folks in town. Rose is no exception. With her sophomore record on its way I was lucky enough to take a shot at making sure she looks as good as she sounds (& if I did my job right, by these shots you’re now informed, she sounds REAL great)

As soon as the years best-kept-secret of this beauty’s new tunes are out in the world, I’ll be shouting from THIS EXACT ROOFTOP!

Till then, check her out here + if you’re local, do yourself a favor and catch a show: Facebook | Soundcloud | Spotify


Golden Gate Bridge | Baby Announcement

My nearest + dearest set of blondes have a bun in the oven! I was pleased as punch to celebrate with Quinn + Zach at their Golden Gate Bridge baby announcement shoot, during which there was dancing (duh) and giggles galore.  I cannot wait to meet their little lady, as she is just about the luckiest chick I know to have such incredibly kind, passionate + adventurous parents! 


Leaden Ceramics x Rachel McCord Creative

Towards the end of last year I collaborated with one of my very favorite makers, Sam Leaden to document her minimalistic & bold series of vessels.

You’ve gotta have Sam walk you through her process, as I’ll butcher it’s intricacies, but these grids are all formed by hand and continue to blow my mind. They blew all of your minds too clearly, because she sold lightening fast around the holidays, but are still available for purchase! So bookmark this maker asap as she’s got nothing but original work on the horizon. I’m here for it. It’s so pleasing and truly a vision to loop into your collection of original work. It has single handedly enhanced my morning coffee ritual ten-fold, plus who isn’t ready to support more hardworking, local, creative women in their cities? (All of you, yes? Yes.)

If you need a refresher on her previous work, take a peak at her first collection here.

Keep an eye on her upcoming work | Instagram | Email Sam to purchase: leadenceramics@gmail.com


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